Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Peachy Keen Challenge #30

Oh what fun it is to be in the sun, especially if you are a crab on this beach. This Peachy Keen shadowbox challenge was a blast to create! A shadowbox is great for creating a lot of dimension. This photo doesn’t show the dimension as well as real life, because there were awkward glares and weird shadows that occurred when I was trying to take this picture. I wanted to do a fun beach scene and I thought these crabs would be perfect to use. The PK-950 Under the Sea stamp set has both of the crab sizes in addition to other cute sea creatures. The crabs are full of life on the beach and are doing different activities! They are busy picking coconuts, playing with a beach ball, building a sandcastle, burying a fellow crab in the sand, getting suntan lotion put on, sipping a refreshing beverage, and floating in the waves. You can pretty much have these crabs do anything you want, because you can cut and move their claws into any position! You can let your imagination run wild with these crab stamps!


  1. You ROCK. The end. Ok, but seriously? I am absolutely in love with this shadowbox. What did you use for all their little dimensional pieces like the towel and lotion? Love, love, LOVE it! :) Angelica

  2. This is BEAUTIFUL and oh so CUTE! I LOVE it! You are always so creative!

  3. Oh MY WORD Samantha!!! I could just look at this project for EVVA! You have put so much gorgeous detail in this. The sandcastle being made, the coconuts in the basket, the mum and baby on the beach towel etc. All so beautifully thought out and placed so creatively. Then there's the SEA! The ship, the crab on the rubber ring and the waves. There's so MUCH and it works wonderfully.
    Hugs Viv xxx

  4. SAMANTHA!! Angelica has been drooling since this morning over this.. as have I! WOW - YOU TOTALLY rocked this one.. which isn't hard to believe at all! I've been laughing in delight all day over the fun in this shadow box! GREAT JOB! Hugs and Lots of Love, Kathy

  5. Yep! What they all said!! This is a feast for the eyes!! Just awesome!
    Hugs, Janice

  6. This makes me smile every time I look at it! I love your perspective on this layout, and it's just too much fun with those little crabs all so busy with different things. Way to creativly rock this challenge, Samantha! You've created an entertainment piece. That's what I feel when I look at it. Like I'm being entertained. It's just fabulous!!

    Love ya,

  7. Your layout is very cute . You are super inspiration.
    Cant wait to see more Teresa

  8. how totally crabby!! Just love it!!!

  9. This is FANTASTIC!! WOW, you sure know how to create the BEST EVER scenes! I am in AWH over this my friend!! You ROCKED this challenge!
    Big Crabby Hugs,

  10. Okay I used a few cricut cartridges to create this shadowbox. I used Hello Kitty for sun, Pooh and Friends for the clouds, then I used Life's a Beach, Create a Critter, and Everyday Paper Dolls for everything else. I used cricut vinyl to make the beach ball, buckets, inter tubes, shovels, and lotion. The bags are cut from lightweight fabric, and the towels are made from terry clothe material. I used quilling paper strips to weave the basket.The sand is actually embossing powder from Stampendous (I thinks pretty neat stuff).

  11. Samantha, Your little beach scene is amazing! And after reading your description, WoW you put so much work into it! My favorite is the baby crab getting sun-screened up by the momma crab on the beach towel! So super cute!! Awesome job!!

  12. Thank You for the sweet comment ~ but girlfriend this blows anything out of the WATER! I am totally blown away~ just love the crabs, water, sand... just everything! Wow!

    Thanks for sharing
    Kim H